How to Add Profile Picture and Banner Image to a Brand YouTube Channel

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Last time, we featured the steps on how to create your own Brand YouTube channel. For our blog today, we will be teaching you how to add a profile picture and a banner image on your channel.

Your YouTube profile picture is the small image that appears next to the name of your channel. Your profile picture proves your identity to your viewers. It helps you get known especially to your subscribers. Moreover, your profile picture is your identity and is your expression of who you are and what your viewers will expect from you. Choose a profile picture that is in the right size and should not be pixelated.

What is a YouTube banner image?

A banner image on YouTube is the bigger picture that welcomes you. You can see it at the top part of your YouTube channel.

Most people still are in doubt whether they should upload a profile picture and a banner picture. Here are the top reasons why uploading these two pictures can give to your channel:

It represents your business - People rely on what they see. If they see a good photo, they may immediately trust your brand. A trusted brand gets more subscribers and most of their videos are viewed.
It can improve your business - More views on your videos can be income-generating for your channel. 
It promotes brand awareness - When people see your photo, they become more aware of the services and products that you are offering. This can lead to more sales and clients in the future.
It can engage clients - One of your main goals is to get your clients talking. Curious clients watch videos and go to websites if they are interested in a product or service.

Does YouTube have any guidelines about uploading a photo?

Yes. YouTube recommends a non-pixelated banner photo with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels as the size. It does not allow a banner that is over 6MB. This is the safest for your banner to look on different screens. Clients may view your channel on the TV, on the mobile phone, or on personal computers and laptops.

For profile photos, you just have to make sure that it does not go over 800 x 800 pixels. 

How can you upload a banner photo?

Since you now know the guidelines of a banner photo and a profile photo, let’s go to the steps on how to upload them on your YouTube channel.

Go to YouTube and sign in to your account. 
Click the thumbnail of your account found on the upper right. 
Click ‘Your Channel’
Upload or drag a photo on the banner area.
Adjust your banner photo in a way you want it to be displayed on different devices.

So here are the steps on how to change or upload a profile photo on YouTube:
Log in to your YouTube account.
In the upper right-hand corner, click your profile picture. Once the drop-down icons are displayed, click settings. 
Click the edit on Google icon.
Then once you see the camera icon, click it and upload a photo.
Then you are done.

We really hope that this blog has helped you in uploading your profile photo and your banner photo. Always remember that these photos say who you are and what your business is all about. Choose the right one that leaves a mark on your subscribers and viewers.

We’d also appreciate it if you can leave us comments about our blogs. On our next blog, we’ll be talking more about YouTube and we’ll hope that you’ll still be there.


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