About Us

Symo Global is a one stop solution for all your Ecommerce business needs. We’re the best at what we do and we leave no Ecommerce business behind. We're on a mission to multiply and grow every Entrepreneur to their best self! From sourcing to supply chain management and to multiple figure business, we cover you all. Not only this, we also buy and sell online stores with a stable revenue stream.

What's best is that we didn't stop there. Steve Simonson, our founder and serial entrepreneur, launched more businesses with the goal of creating a community of entrepreneurs. We are now a group of companies.

The parent business, Symo Global, is where all of our other businesses are grouped together. We have Empowery , Product Savants, Awesomers, Catalyst88 , SOPBox, and Parsimony. We offer the finest services in the Ecommerce industry and have established a community of the Top service providers as well.  



Steve is the CEO of Symo Global www.symoglobal.com which has companies in Hong Kong, the USA, and the EU.
The hand selected China leadership team will take care of customers really well!

WILLIAM WU: China Sourcing Expert

William is fluent in English, Mandarin and Shanghainese. He is an expert in China sourcing and supply chain logistics with decades of experience in international trade at every level. William has worked for customers who are big box retailers, e-commerce sellers, Amazon.com marketplace sellers major distributors and more...

William is responsible for the China Team's results and your happiness.

ALEX ZHANG: China Sourcing Expert

Alex is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. He is also an expert in sourcing and has deep experience with factory negotiations, inspections and all types of supply side issues. He has served distributors and big box clients from all over the world.

Seattle Space Needle
Our global strategies for support are developed mostly in the Seattle area from our US team that has been responsible for the importation of hundreds of millions of dollars of products from all around the world, but especially from China. 

 China Sourcing Strengths
The Chinese culture has been trading for over 5,000 years and the modern day silk road remains a wonderful mix of opportunities and threats.

China Shanghai Bullet Train Railroad
We know how to get around China. We have team members in different parts of China and we can go wherever we are needed.

China Factory Truck Raw Materials
Have you ever wondered what raw materials your factories are actually using? By implementing an inspection and purchasing oversight process you can find out!

Best China Factory

Did you know even the most beautiful and pristine Chinese factory make have skeletons in the closet? Their financial strength may be failing which could be an unwelcome surprise. Caveat Emptor.

Forbidden City Beijing China
Our China team was born and raised in China and our US leadership team has been traveling and working in China for over 15 years. Our decades of experience can work directly for you.

Hong Kong Street Restaurant

Our Hong Kong HQ is not far from the night time street markets. If you are a customer we'll be happy to show you some of the local sites.

Best China Sourcing Agent Trading Co
We've been working with China so long Steve still had some hair. That's a LONG time ago!

 China Trip Sourcing in Canton Fair
We've hosted groups all over china to over 10 trade shows in many parts of China. We love to hang out with customers and help accelerate their businesses.

China Sourcing Trip To Yiwu

When the team is together taking care of our customers we work hard, but we really enjoy it.

China Sourcing Beijing Stop

Our trips often take us all over China. We try to find the best restaurants on the planet and we are very successful in finding them!

China Sourcing Leadership
The China team has so much experience that we can often help avoid absolute disaster with a couple simple phone calls. When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in China do as the Chinese do. We'll help you work within the system to get what you want out.

China Sourcing Experts Beijing
When you think of all of the VIPs we have hosted over the last 15 years it is an amazing assortment of entrepreneurs, marketing experts, merchandising and supply chain executives and so many more. We're proud to serve.

China Trip Sourcing for Christmas
When entrepreneurs work together to share their sourcing and e-commerce knowledge everybody wins.

China Sourcing Leadership William
Our leadership team in China understands complex and difficult situations, but even better they understand how to avoid getting into those problems to begin with. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Happy USA Customers
When you have happy customers enjoying the hard work then you know you are doing a good job. #fulfillment

Sourcing in Canton Fair and Yiwu
Our motto is "At Your Service" because we believe the customer really is King.

China Bamboo Forest
No matter where you are looking in China chances are good that we can get there even if we don't already have a local resource. We've got you covered.


We believe in winning.

We believe in the Golden Rule.

We believe in long-term relationships.

We believe that we are better together.

We believe Entrepreneurs are changing the world.

We believe in putting our name on everything we do.

We believe Entrepreneurs make the world a better place.

We believe a winning Strategy is a prerequisite to success.

We believe in honoring our commitments without exception.

We believe in PEOPLE: Our members. Our team. Our partners.

We believe in doing the right thing; even when nobody is looking.