Dispute Mediation Process

Dispute Mediation Process

Item Code: SYGMED

This dispute mediation process is for help when you have already placed an order in the past and you are facing some kind of challenge with the supplier.

Sometimes these situations are caused by:


  • The factory has delayed the shipment.
  • The factory is non-responsive.
  • The factory is trying to charge more than the pro-forma invoice. 
  • A quality issue has occured post payment and the factory is not cooperating.
  • A factory is harder to work with and you don't understand why.
  • The factory will not agree to new terms and conditions you want to implement.
  • The factory created some defect or problem that you need support on.


These situations are often the most difficult to understand and therefore to solve. Because of the cultural differences it is common to find factories at odds with their customers. 


If there is a problem and the relationship is not work saving, then move on.


But if there are bigger stakes involved it may help to have a mediation process.


This is not a legal mediation process, but instead we will follow this procedure:


  1. Get a situation report from you the customer
  2. We will then get a situation report from the factory, trading company or other party you have a dispute with.
  3. We will then skype conference with you to evaluate and give our advice and even try to give you odds of resolution based on your demands.
  4. You will then decide what steps to take to resolve the situation based on all available information.
  5. We will then communicate the proposed resolution with the factory and try to broker a deal.
  6. The back and forth may go on for some period of time. We may recommend compromises to each party during this time.
  7. We then will advise of either resolution or failure to resolve if both parties are at an impasse.




Despite the unkowns there is no doubt that with an experienced native Chinese speaker and supply chain expert you are far more likley to experience a better result than if you were on your own. 


Included herein are 3 hours of Skype Time.


*Skype time is a maximum allowance. No refunds will be offered if the full skype time is not used.