Purchasing and Inspection

Purchasing and Inspection


Once you have identified your factory and received samples then you are ready to make a purchase.


Our team can help coordinate a quote from the factory, relay the Purchase Order from you to the factory and get the factory to produce a binding PI (pro-forma invoice) to your company. 


Between each communication our team will check the documents for all details to be sure that both parties are leve set.


Once the PI is verified and the order proceeds (Some factories will require a deposit first) then our team will be sure that the factory gives an estimated ship date and will check in once per week to get the factory to provide any updates or variances.


Once the production has been completed, but before shipping one of our team members will pay a visit to inspect the items prior to shipment.


The team will inspect for visual defects, packaging quality and compliance with all terms within your purchase order to the factory. (Note: lab testing or other 3rd party requirements may be necessary for some items. Our team will coordinate those efforts, but can not replace required lab or other types of complex testing. You will be responsible for the costs of any tests you require.)


After the inspection, once the shipment has been cleared, you are responsible to communicate with your freight forwarder to work with the factory to finalize the shipment details. All shipping paperwork is to be managed by your shipping provider. We will help communicate with you and the factory, but the shipping details will be your responsibility.


A report following inspection (and any related lab tests) will be provided.


Ad hoc inquires that are directly related to this shipment will be responded to within one business day. These types of inquires are often time sensative requirements to clear customs and so we'll do our best to help you through those by asking the factory to help with any of those unexpected requests. All of these inquires will use skype time if any is remaining even if the communication is via email or task management system.


This process includes up to 3 hours of Skype time.


*Skype time is a maximum allowance. No refunds will be offered if the full skype time is not used.