Negotiating Process

Negotiating Process

Item Code: SYGNEG

At some point in your process you may have a situation that calls for some expert negotation. THIS INCLUDES UP TO 2 HOURS OF SKYPE CONFERENCING WITH YOU THE CUSTOMER AND OUR TEAM MEMBERS. It includes unlimited time talking to the factory staff.


Perhaps the factory is unwilling to give you the price you think is reasonable. 


Maybe the factory is demanding a minimum order quantity MOQ that is too high for your first order. 


The situation may be that the factory is demanding financial terms that you can not accept.


No matter what the situation if you need help negotiating anything with the factory PRIOR to placing an order we can help.


We can not guarantee that we can get exactly what you want, but by leveraging our decades of experience and our local Chinese team members you will get the benefit of the following:


1) Clear communication to the factory in their native tongue about what you want.

2) You will receive clear communication back about the factory position AND we'll give you our insight and advice what the next move is.

3) We'll provide guidance on where to compromise and where to stand strong.

4) If a skype conference is something that is helpful to have you, the factory and our team on the same call we can coordinate and handle all translation and communication.

5) We will provide ideas, alternative strategies and other concepts that may help break through the negotiation to bring you forward to a purchase.

6) We will maintain professionlism and lead the negotiation process towards a positive outcome for both parties, but our duty is to you first. We are there to help YOU win. 


We have many examples of negotiations that have had a very large impact on our customer's bottom lines. Saving a few cents here and there can really add up over time as you order more and more.


*Skype time is a maximum allowance. No refunds will be offered if the full skype time is not used.