Gold Sourcing Level

Item Code: SYGGOLD


Gold Sourcing Level


Gold Sourcing Level deliverables includes all of Bronze Sourcing Level items.


Gold Sourcing Level deliverables includes all of Silver Sourcing Level items.


PLUS + we will coordinate a sample** request process for up to four factory candidates. (samples can be requested twice from all factories and up to four times from the winning factory.)


**You will be responsible to pay for any sample production and shipping costs.


Gold Sourcing adds up to another 2 hours of Skype Time.


Additionally we will negotiate on your behalf on whatever items are most important to you. (e.g. - unit price, MOQs, terms, etc…) We will provide a final quote from the factory that you can use to begin your purchasing process.


* Although we can not predict the outcome of any negotiation we can assure you that the decades of experience and breadth of knowledge will put you in a much stronger position then if you were on your own.