Bronze Sourcing Level





The SYMO Global team will perform sourcing functions at a service level as described below.


The result of this process is to take a product concept and identify 2-4 factories that can produce the item.


Customer is responsible to provide as much of the information noted below as possible. (We will send the form following your order within 2 Business Days.)


  • Your Company Information
  • Primary Contact for this project including phone, skype and email.
  • Name of the Item (even a working title is ok)
  • Link to any example items (amazon, Alibaba, etc..)
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Detailed Material Specifications (what is it made of, density, gauge 
  • Target Price (and currency of target price)
  • Opening Order Quantity
  • Expected Re-Order Rate (monthly, quarterly, etc..)
  • Expected Lead Time
  • What country is your target market
  • As many Photos, Drawings or CAD designs that show what you want the product to look like as possible.
  • A sample of the item when possible
  • Any OEM specific requirements for the item and packaging
  • Additional contact points: wechat
  • Notes about the usage and specifics of the item if available (e.g. A camping flashlight, Exterior case material must be of ALLOY 3003 with 3MM gauge, with 3 stages of soon and emergency flashing.)
  • Any required testing documents you require from the factory. (MSDS or specific tests for your product to assure quality and or assist with clearing customs.)
  • Any questions you want the factory to answer that are critical to your decision process.


The more information provided to your China team will expedite your process AND insure you get a higher quality product.


The minimum requirements are company info, target product link, weight, dimensions, price and MOQ.  


Our deliverables:


Upon your submission we will review within 48 hours and respond with any information we absolutely require in addition to whats been provided.


Once the information that we receive is enough to proceed you will be issued a project ID #.


During our process we may identify anywhere from 5-50 factories that make the types of items you are interested in. Using our own proprietary investigation methods, knowledge of the marketplace and experience interacting with suppliers we will refine that list.


We will then find between 2 and 4 factories that can produce the item you requested with the market prices on the items. We will communicate to the factory of your price target, but we will not be acting as a negotiator at this service level. We will provide all communications back from the factory in English.


We will submit the factory information and pricing information as well as other pertinent details in a report to you.


The sourcing process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. We guarantee we will provide at least 2 viable sources within 20 business days from the time we issue a project ID#.


During the process we can communicate via email for questions.


We will provide up to 2 hours skype time during the process to be used as needed. (extra time is available at an added cost.)


Our mission will be to find a factory that is cooperative and has an adequate level of English communication and a supplier who can meet your pricing, MOQ, and lead time requirements. 


However, we are not responsible for market pricing nor can we determine if your targets are realistic from the perspective of the factory. We will act us your sourcing agent to clearly communication your expectations. We will then communicate clearly the factory replies or responses.


Although we will look to 3rd party verification about the factory performance to insure the factory is a reliable source we can not guarantee the factory’s performance for timing, product quality or other requirements. 


Once the final report is delivered this Bronze Sourcing Level engagement is completed.